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Bathroom Vanities without Tops - Customizable Cabinets

Bathroom vanities without tops are great for customizing the look of your vanity. By ordering the cabinet only, you are able to personalize each component to the design of your bathroom. Get high end vanities at wholesale prices with free shipping at Luxury Living Direct. With our custom vanity program, you can finish customizing vanities without countertops for your bathroom decor.

Gray - Vanities without Tops

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  1. Virtu USA - MD-2178-CAB-WH - Caroline Parkway 78 in. Bathroom Vanity Cabinet front view
  2. Virtu USA - MD-2072-CAB-CG - Caroline 72
  3. Winterfell 60
    Winterfell 60" (ED-30060-CAB-GR) Cabinet Only in Grey
    $ 1,054.10 $ 1,259.00
    You save: $ 204.9 (16%)
  4. Virtu USA Caroline 60
    Virtu USA Caroline 60" (MD-2060-CAB-GR) Cabinet Only in Gray
    $ 982.93 $ 1,174.00
    You save: $ 191.07 (16%)
  5. Victoria 72
    Victoria 72" (MD-2672-CAB-GR) Cabinet Only in Gray
    $ 1,248.19 $ 1,584.00
    You save: $ 335.81 (21%)
  6. Virtu USA - ED-25072-CAB-GR - Talisa 72
    Virtu USA - ED-25072-CAB-GR - Talisa 72" Cabinet Only in Grey
    $ 1,121.08 $ 1,339.00
    You save: $ 217.92 (16%)
  7. Virtu USA - MD-2072-CAB-GR - Caroline 72
    Virtu USA - MD-2072-CAB-GR - Caroline 72" Cabinet Only in Grey
    $ 1,125.26 $ 1,344.00
    You save: $ 218.74 (16%)
  8. Virtu USA - ES-25060-CAB-GR - Talisa 60
    Virtu USA - ES-25060-CAB-GR - Talisa 60" Cabinet Only in Grey
    $ 1,030.52 $ 1,164.00
    You save: $ 133.48 (11%)
  9. Virtu USA - ED-25060-CAB-GR - Talisa 60 in. Bathroom Vanity Cabinet front view
    Virtu USA - ED-25060-CAB-GR - Talisa 60" Cabinet Only in Grey
    $ 968.54 $ 1,094.00
    You save: $ 125.46 (11%)
  10. Virtu USA - MS-2636-CAB-GR - Victoria 36
    Virtu USA - MS-2636-CAB-GR - Victoria 36" Cabinet Only in Grey
    $ 960.57 $ 1,219.00
    You save: $ 258.43 (21%)
  11. Virtu USA - MS-2048-CAB-GR - Caroline 48 in. Bathroom Vanity Cabinet front view
    Virtu USA - MS-2048-CAB-GR - Caroline 48" Cabinet Only in Grey
    $ 844.79 $ 1,009.00
    You save: $ 164.21 (16%)
  12. Virtu USA - MS-2036-CAB-GR - Caroline 36
  13. Virtu USA - GD-50060-CAB-GR - Caroline Avenue 60 in. Bathroom Vanity Cabinet front view

39 Items

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Customize your Look

Every bathroom layout is different and with your vanity being the center of attention, you will want to make sure it fits the design that you want. Find a wide arrangement of vanity bases from many styles and sizes. These vanity bases are made from various woods and fibers which will be a durable and extravagant addition to your bathroom.

Proper planning for ordering your vanity without top is crucial to the success of your remodel. Be sure to check the proper measurements on your cabinet to ensure it fits in your desired space. When choosing the countertop, you will also need to make sure that the countertop is properly sized and contains the correct single or double sink cuts.

Being able to easily customize your look can be a delightful experience. You can dictate the style and finish of the vanity. Unlike vanity sets, you can now choose from a large selection of different countertops. There are many selections including marble, granite, acrylic, glass and many more! Your faucet and sink installations will be chosen on your own personal preferences as well. Just be sure to check to make sure everything will fit and accommodate the proper plumbing. If you have a remodeler, it is best to ask them for their advice on what will fit or not. There are usually detailed specifications on all parts to help guide you through the process.

Complete your Vanity

With these vanities without tops, you can find the perfect marble or granite countertops, sink and faucets to meet your design expectations. Luxury Living Direct offers an extensive line of parts to help finish your bathroom vanity:

Luxury Living Direct offers a custom order program which allows you to put the right fixtures for your vanity. For more information and assistance on how you can personalize your vanity today see details regarding our custom orders.

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