Freestanding Vanities

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Freestanding Bathroom Vanities

Freestanding vanities are great for many different reasons. They very popular because they can give a modern look and make a small bathroom look more spacious with the view of the floor under the vanity. Whether you install a freestanding vanity in a master or guest bathroom, you can still achieve a modern look. Freestanding vanities are an efficient and cost-effective way to upgrade your bathroom decor. Freestanding vanities offer a way to blend your style to your surroundings very easily. If you opt for transitional styles, it can offer a balance between traditional and modern styles. Compared to floating vanities, you don’t have potential extra installation costs that come with wall-mounted vanities. Many freestanding vanities can be installed easily by plumbers and builders and come in both single and double sink vanity variations.

Easy Installation

Another benefit of freestanding vanities is that they are relatively easy to install. Installations guides are usually provided from top manufacturers like Virtu USA so you won’t need to worry about being left in the dark. Unlike floating vanities, which require a level of expertise in order to align the vanity to the wall mounts, freestanding vanities simply require you to place it in your desired space. The only thing you need to install are the components on the vanity such as the sink, faucet, handles and countertop.

Flexible where you place it.

Freestanding vanities aren’t as restricted as wall-mounted vanities in where you place it. For floating vanities, once you mount the vanity on the wall, you are pretty much forced to leave it there until you need to replace it. For freestanding vanities, if you decide you need to move it a few inches, you have the flexibility to do so. You can put your freestanding vanity in the corner or middle of the room if desired.

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