Best Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Best Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Usually people decorating their bathrooms fall into either contemporary/modern, transitional or traditional styles. It is no doubt that currently contemporary styles are very popular. The clean, sleek lines and minimal aesthetics are extremely popular in not only the bathroom but for practically all types of rooms.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanities:

Marble Countertop Vanities

Probably one of the most defining attributes of a contemporary vanity, vanities with marble countertops have become a solid selection for many modern styles. Marble countertops offer a clean and crisp appearance that many homeowners yearn for. They are a versatile option that has been popular for many generations and will never go out of style. Marble countertops can look good on any types of cabinets. Open shelf or powder vanity, these are a great option for a contemporary style.

Vanities with Double Basins

Medium to large sized vanities have the luxury of being able to hold double basins. Vanities with double basins are a stylish and practical way to add value to your bathroom. Why do you need double basins? Double basins allow more users to be able to use the sinks at the same time. If you only have one bathroom, you will notice how incredibly useful this is for couples and large families to share. With everyone crowding the bathroom in the morning, you will wonder why there was a time you didn’t want it.

Vessel Sinks Vanities

Vanities with vessel sinks are the current “in” trend for bathroom vanities. At first glance, you may think it is a bit strange that there is a large bowl or sink that sits on top of the vanity but it is actually very versatile and convenient. These types of sinks can easily be installed into any type of counter top. Not only can they be easily installed, they also come many different styles including stone, ceramic and porcelain. Combined with the trendy aesthetics, many commercial as well as residential owners have moved towards these types of sinks.

Solid Oak Wood Vanities

When you think contemporary, you might also associate the word “quality” with it. Solid Oak Wood vanities is considered the highest level of quality for wood constructed vanities. One indicator of a solid oak wood vanity is the weight. Solid oak wood vanities are usually much heavier than other woods. Wood vanities give off a polished look and when combined with high quality water resistant sealants, should last you many years.

Freestanding Single Vanities

Freestanding single vanities are one of the most common types of vanities. They are easy to install and can fit in virtually any type of bathroom, both single and double. Unlike floating vanities, you won’t need any extra mounting mechanisms and little to no professional help (although it is recommended). The most common type of freestanding vanities have four legs holding up the cabinet to give it an elevated look.

Floating Vanities

Floating Bathroom Vanities are held onto the wall with wall-mounted mechanisms. These are modern styled cabinets due to their floating look. The sinks and faucets can also be customized for the floating vanity if you choose to do so. Another great thing about floating vanities is that the extra space underneath the cabinet is can make a small bathroom look bigger than it is. It eliminates a lot of the cramped feeling that a freestanding vanity might give.

Glass Top Vanities

Glass Top Vanities are an elegant addition to your modern decor. Glass top vanities give off a different vibe from traditional natural stone or ceramic countertops. The glass gives a spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom and can instantly transform and modernize your bathroom decor. Just like vessel sinks, tempered glass has become a very trendy feature in modern bathrooms and will raise eyebrows to your family and guests.

Single Vanities with Single Handle Faucets

Single handle faucets are a modern type of faucet. These faucets offer a minimal look in your bathroom and excel with single sink vanities. They are a convenient and functional way to spice up your modern decor. Many single handle faucets come with eco-friendly certifications that help reduce the amount of water wasted. Another trendy type of single handle faucet comes with waterfall spouts where you can see the water flowing out of the spout.

Vanities with Off Center Sinks

Who needs symmetry? Off center sinks are slowly becoming popular in many homes. There are many options of sinks where they are off to the left or right of the sink. One of the great things about off center sinks is that you have a lot of extra counter space. Clutter is usually one of the first problems homeowners face and having that additional space becomes very valuable.