Featured Vanities of April 2018


Featured Vanities of April 2018

It’s spring and most people do their bathroom remodel this time of the year. Breathing new life into your home by doing home improvements not only adds value, but gives you that new environment for you to enjoy. Many folks like to update their bathroom vanity since that is the usually the centerpiece for your bathroom. For those looking to be more innovative and stylish, here are some ideas that may help you in your bathroom remodel.

Lustrous Colors

Cashmere Gray Finish

Most homes today don’t have the expansive area for a bathroom. A dark colored room with dark furnishings can leave your room feeling more closed in. By using a lighter color theme, it can give you the feeling of a more bright and open space. White has always been a classic color for a bathroom vanity. Today, there are other color options if you want your bathroom to stand out. One unique color that Luxury Living Direct offers is the Cashmere Grey finish. It’s a softer grey color that is elegant and easy to coordinate. It’s a neutral color that is not too dark and not too light. The Cashmere Grey color is a good starting point in building a color motif for your bathroom.

One of the most popular vanities in this beautiful finish is the Virtu USA Caroline Avenue. The Caroline Avenue is a transitional designed vanity. It is both traditional and modern. With this design, you are assured your bathroom will be trendy and timeless. It is available in 36, 48, 60 and 72 inch sizes and comes in your choice of a round or square undermount basin. It is constructed with solid wood by skilled craftsmen. Functional and spacious soft-closing doors and drawers provide the essential storage space you need in a bathroom vanity. Paired with a stunning Carrara White Marble countertop, this vanity exudes warmth, elegance and style.

Virtu USA Caroline Avenue

Having a refined vanity finish like the Cashmere Gray gives you the opportunity to style your bathroom and coordinate it with bold colors for accents such as mirrors, towels and shower curtains.

At Home Day-Spa Retreat

With everyone’s busy schedule, a relaxing moment is the perfect reward for a long hard day at work. Having your own spa-like bathroom oasis is the ultimate pleasure. Creating one is not as difficult as you may think. Having a freestanding bathtub is the latest fashion in a modern bathroom. Imagine yourself immersed in your own freestanding bathtub soothing away and relaxing your body. It not only provides you with relaxation but health benefits as well. Improved blood circulation, muscle ache relief and skin clearance are just a few.

Virtu USA Serenity

At Luxury Living Direct, we have an extensive line of freestanding bathtubs. One of the latest is Virtu USAs line of acrylic freestanding bathtubs. These bathtubs have a smooth non-porous surface. It is warm to the touch in normal temperatures and has very good heat-retaining qualities, keeping water warm for a longer time than some other bathtub material. For a homeowner who enjoys soaking in a hot tub, this can be an important advantage. Freestanding bathtubs are lighter, easier to install and use up a smaller space. These tubs have a minimalist design that coordinates well with any architecture.

A freestanding bathtub from Luxury Living Direct is the centerpiece of your bathroom, a personal retreat, the ultimate splendor of your own spa at home. Take a detour and focus on the wellness of body and soul.

Raw and Stylish

Today’s home designs have a tendency to reflect life trends as well. Current home design trends have been leaning toward natural sourced materials that are more eco-friendly. One example is natural stone. This kind of material has been around for quite a while in the design of kitchen countertops, Granite and Marble being the most popular. These days this kind of material has evolved into the production of natural stone basins.

Beige Travertine Marble Sink

A basin like this in your bathroom is a statement piece that is a unique work of art. Each natural stone basin is one-of-a-kind with no two basins alike. What started as a chunk of stone in a quarry is transformed by hand into a basin with an eloquent display of natural beauty. Skilled artisans sculpt and hone each one into a warm and inviting vessel.

Luxury Living Direct has an extensive collection of natural stone basins like Marble, Granite and Travertine. They come in an assortment of shapes, colors and sizes that are minimalistic is design and impart a rustic ambience to your bathroom. Essential details in the design is what will set it apart from others. Elevate the unique character of your bathroom. Natural stone basins is what will make it exceptional.