Pros and Cons of Single and Double Mirrors for Double Sink Vanities

A common question that comes up for double sink vanities is should you get one big mirror or two smaller mirrors? Let’s say you are looking for a 60 inch bathroom vanity or 72 inch vanity. In the end it is down to preference of style, here are a few pros and cons of each.

Single Mirror for Double Sink Vanities

Pro: Makes bathroom look larger

Having one large mirror can make your bathroom look larger than it is. If you already have a lot of space in your master bathroom, having a single mirror could make it look massive.

Pro: More Visual Space

Having one large mirror will give you more visual space. You can easily see the space around you with a larger mirror. In comparison, having two smaller mirrors will give you a more personal but limited view.

Pro: More Comfortable to Use

Having a large mirror will provides a lot more breathing space which makes it a lot more comfortable to use. If you are in front of a smaller mirror, you might need to adjust the position of where you stand to see yourself.

Pro: Cost Effective

It can be cost effective to buy one larger mirror. Many home decorators like to use the difference in cost of a large vanity and two smaller vanities to add nice light fixtures instead and other decorations such as towel warmers or sink/faucet upgrades to the vanity. While it is usually cheaper to buy a larger mirror, you can still find double mirror sets that are reasonably priced.

Con: No Personalization

Having a single mirror sacrifices the personalized experience you have. As you look into a single mirror, you lose the focus you could’ve had if you had two single mirrors. A large mirror makes your entire bathroom the center of focus and usually makes it stunning.

Con: Less Options for Light Fixtures

A large mirror means there will be less wall space for light fixtures. Many home decorators like to add wall sconces next to their mirrors. These decorative lighting fixtures add a nice extra touch to your bathroom. With a large mirror, your amount of lighting options become dwindled down. For large mirrors, you will only be able to put your light fixtures on the top or to either sides of the mirror.

Two Smaller Mirrors

Pro: Lighter Feel

Having two smaller mirrors for your bathroom vanity will give a lighter, less overwhelming feel to your bathroom. Having two smaller vanities will help emphasize the smaller things in your bathroom such as lighting fixtures and bathroom accessories.

Pro: Personalized Touch

Two smaller mirrors will center the focus around the user of the sink. You won’t be distracted by what the other person is doing in the other sink.

Pro: More Room for Lighting Fixtures

Adding decorative lights in your bathroom is a popular design trend for bathroom vanities. By having two smaller mirrors, you can add different types of lighting designs that you might not be able to add if you had one large mirror.

Con: Not as Functional as a Large Mirror

A large mirror is very functional. It does what a large mirror is supposed to do and does it very comfortably. Having two smaller mirrors won’t utilize all your wall space. You will have gaps between the mirrors and you are essentially forced to stand a certain way in front of the mirror in order to see yourself.

Closing Thoughts

In the end, having one or two mirrors is a matter of personal style and there are pros and cons of each. There are many different sizes of bathroom mirrors for double sink vanities that can help compensate for the disadvantages of each.

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