Should You Buy a Cheap or High Quality Bathroom Vanity?

Should You Buy a Cheap or High Quality Bathroom Vanity?

A bathroom is a room that sometimes gets overshadowed during the remodeling process. However, the bathroom is usually the first and last place you go to during your day. You wake up, you go straight to the bathroom. Before you go to sleep, you shower and use the bathroom. Since this is such an important room during your day, should you opt for a cheaper vanity?

Cheap bathroom vanities usually only have one benefit and that it is cheap. But these bathroom vanities usually cut many corners during the construction process. Cheaper materials are used and sometimes framework is compromised in order to justify such a low price. There are many instances of bending and uneven construction where using it for storage is no longer an option.

High Quality Vanities are Built Better and Will Last a Lot Longer

Once you’ve purchased and upgraded to a higher quality vanity, you will notice the quality difference right away. The first thing you’ll notice when you install the vanity is that it is most likely have a much heavier build quality. This shows durability and stability of the cabinet. You will rarely need to worry about the material bending and breaking. You won’t need to worry if putting too many stuff might damage the bottom boards.

With the amount of copycat and low quality vanities, it is sometimes difficult to choose which bathroom vanity is high quality. It isn’t set in stone that “high quality = more expensive” because there are also many affordable high quality vanities out there. Your best bet is to check out reviews and use your best judgement to find something that works for you.