Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Small Spaces

Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Small Spaces

Remodelling or updating your bathroom? If you are looking for ideas to brush up the look and style, we’ve got you covered. If you have a small bathroom, you will need to be a little more creative in how you remodel. Putting too much stuff in your small bathroom can create clutter and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Paint Colors

What kind of color scheme are you looking for? A lighter touch or a bolder, darker look? This is one of the first things you should into. Lighter colors such as gray or white will be a lot more soothing and is currently a popular trend. Darker colors are utilized in more traditional and rustic looks. The color depends what style you are going for.

Make your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

There are different ways to make your small bathroom look bigger with the type of cabinet and sinks you choose. A large cabinet might make the small bathroom feel cramped and uncomfortable. But a large floating cabinet might do wonders. The open space underneath floating cabinets can provide a lot more floor space giving an illusion of a bigger room.

Standard Bathroom Vanity Sizes

There are many different sizes of bathroom vanities. If you have a small bathroom you are most likely going to be getting a single vanity. Single vanity cabinets only allow for one sink compared to double vanities. Single vanities are usually available in small to large sizes but for a small bathroom, you probably won’t be going wider than 48 inches.

Placement of Vanity

In a small bathroom, the placement of the vanity matters. Corner vanities are great because it makes efficient use of the limited space that you have. It’s ideal because you reduce the amount of gaps around the vanity which can quickly eat up the limited space you have.

Open Storage

Do you need a more beach house look? Or maybe you want a more breezy style to your bathroom. Open shelf vanities offer a stylish look by allowing you to display your storage under the cabinet.

Big or Small Mirror?

The size of the mirror can really affect how your small bathroom looks. A large mirror can work extremely well because it will make your bathroom look a lot bigger than it is. A small mirror will give you a personalized look.

Airy Look

Floating vanities give your bathroom an airy look. With the a wall-mounted vanity, the open space under the cabinet will offer a spacious feeling.

Type of Faucet

What types of faucets are you interested in? Single hole, widespread, or maybe centerset? There are other types of unique faucets but these are the most common. Depending what you choose, these are great choices that can fit either modern, traditional or transitional styles.

Savvy Storage

Small bathrooms need extra creative ways to store bathroom supplies. Depending how much space you have, you can install side cabinets and linen cabinets. These are aesthetically pleasing and help reduce clutter in your living space.

Discrete Storage

Small bathrooms are always looking for creative ways to hide your storage to prevent clutter. Mirrored Medicine Cabinets are a great way to do this. Unlike traditional medicine cabinets, mirrored medicine cabinets have a mirror on the front panel. It is usually installed above your bathroom vanity and offers a discrete way of storing smaller items.

For small bathrooms, making the most of your available space is very important. It is even more important if you have multiple people using it each day. You’ll have everyone’s stuff laying around everywhere and optimizing your storage space is crucial. Here’s a few small bathroom vanity ideas that are both visually stunning and provides a good amount of utility with the amount of storage they provide.

Medicine cabinets are a great way to add more space to your bathroom. Hiding behind the mirror, you can store all your small items such as medicine, dental floss, or toothbrushes in it.

Install a large mirror above vanity to make the vanity look bigger. Maybe you want your bathroom to look larger than it already is.

Having a small bathroom vanity doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice aesthetics. It’s important to choose a small vanity that is both attractive and functional. An open shelf vanity creates a little bit of breathing room in your small space. Open shelf vanities allow you to put extra towels and great for other quick-access items.

Contrast your vanity with a color that darker or lighter than your bathroom. This will help it stand out. Many bathrooms like to create a flow by making the color schemes similar between the cabinet and the walls. Having a contrasting color scheme will create a beautiful aesthetic as well.

Like what was said about the open shelf vanities, a wall-mounted vanity will create a modern look and as well creating a lot of floor space making it seem a bigger than it already is.

Sometimes a simple vanity is enough. This Virtu USA Zola provides a nice minimalist style design great those those who don’t want to go crazy with their bathroom.

Other Ideas:

Position of the vanity is definitely a big factor when trying to optimize the full space of your small bathroom. Try to keep them in corners along the wall so that there aren’t any extra gaps that can create wasted space in your bathroom.

Linen closets to make up for lack of storage. While it might sound counterintuitive to have an extra storage cabinet in a small bathroom, it might help tidy up your bathroom. A linen cabinet will provide a nice vertical storage space so that you don't need to leave your bathroom things laying around. Your bathroom will be clutter free in no time!

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Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Small Spaces