Why You Need a Steam Shower in Your Home

Why You Need a Steam Shower in Your Home

A steam shower is the combination of a steam room and standard shower unit with the features and functionality of both. Many people choose to install steam showers in their homes because of the many benefits that come with them. Here are just a few of the most popular features, which should be enough to entice you a little bit.

Large overhead shower: This shower is either square or round and provides the sensation of drenching rain while showering or cooling off after a hot steam session.

Foot massage: A foot massage device will attach to the steam shower. It features grooved rollers to run over your feet while the water jets spray on the soles of your feet.

Entertainment: A number of steam showers come with the capabilities for music, phone and radio. Enjoy music and audio books while you relax.

Body jets: The body jets release high-pressure water that is ideal for relaxing muscles and encouraging circulation.

Steam: One of the best aspects of a steam shower is the ample supply of steam that is great for both skin appearance and stress reduction.

Capability for aromatherapy: Many steam enclosures have a specialized inlet on the steam outlet for aromatherapy oils.

Overhead lights: Usually the overhead lights are built into the steam shower’s ceiling and provide ambiance as well as additional lighting.

Digital control panel and remote control: Many of the features in a steam shower can be accessed with a digital control panel, which is found inside the shower and is very user friendly. Many come with a remote control that you can use when you are outside as well.

Individual functionality: One of the best aspects of a steam shower is that typically each of the previously mentioned features can be used on an individual basis. You can simply use the body jets to take a shower without taking a steam or getting your feet massaged (although you probably will never want to miss out on those two!).

Asset to your home: Instead of considering a steam shower as an unnecessary luxury, think of it as an investment. In addition to enjoying it fully yourself, you will wow potential buyers when you are ready to sell the house someday.