Virtu USA Caroline Collection

Virtu USA Caroline 72 inch - Bathroom Vanities

Virtu USA Caroline 72 inch - Bathroom Vanities

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Virtu USA Caroline Collection Features Contemporary Style Vanities.

Features four different available widths for medium to large bathrooms: 36” 48” 60” 72”. Like with all Virtu USA vanities, this freestanding bathroom vanity has reliable soft-closing doors and drawers to extend the life of the finish and prevent accidental force damage.

The Virtu USA Caroline collection is a high quality line of vanities. The cabinet’s come pre-assembled and are easy to install. Countertops and other sink configurations are easily placed onto the cabinet. Being fully assembled cabinets, they are built to be durable and assembled through factory and industrial techniques to withstand transit.

This is known for the horizontal top drawers at the top of the vanity. Depending on the size of your vanity, you can have from 2-4 cabinet doors and 3-8 cabinet drawers. This offers an abundance of storage. The high quality drawers come with undermount drawer glides. This mounting style provides leaves no wasted drawer space unlike side mounting styles. The drawer material is made of durable, water resistant and uv protected finish to protect and extend the cabinet life from normal bathroom use.

The bottom panels of the drawers are 1/2 Inches of solid wood allowing it to withstand an abundance of items.

The drawers and doors of the cabinet are mounted with 6-way adjustable soft closing hinges that allow you to adjust it in/out, up/down and left/right.

Countertop options include granite and marble which further adds to the elegance and beauty of the vanity. Single and double sink options are available. If you are looking to customize the vanities countertop and other configurations, a cabinet only option is also available.

For those who are eco-friendly conscious, the Caroline vanities contain zero-emission solid oak wood with a finish that will last for years to come.

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