Virtu USA Caroline Parkway Collection

Virtu USA Caroline Parkway 57 inch - Bathroom Vanities

Virtu USA Caroline Parkway 57 inch - Bathroom Vanities

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Virtu USA Caroline Parkway collection Features an Abundance of Bathroom Storage

The Caroline Parkway was inspired by the Virtu USA Caroline collection and offers sleek designs, and an abundance of storage. The Caroline Parkway 57” and 93” options comes with an extra side cabinet while the 72” and 78” options have extra drawers integrated into the bathroom vanity. You will never need to worry about storage with the Caroline Parkway.

The Caroline Parkway comes with high quality drawers with 1/2 inch bottom panels that are built to withstand the weight of many items. It is also coated in a durable, water resistant, glossy finish, and UV protected coat of paint to help protect against wear and water damage.

In order to maximize the storage space of your cabinet, the drawers are mounted with undermount glides. These glides are an improvement to side mounted glides because they allow the most amount of storage space.

Like with all vanity cabinets built by Virtu USA, the drawers and doors come with installed 6-way adjustable soft closing hinges which further improve the reliability and endurance of the vanity. These soft closing hinges allow you to adjust them up/down, in/out and left/right.

The Virtu USA Caroline Parkway vanities are shipped pre-assembled. Being pre-assembled allows the vanity to withstand the harsh transit conditions, and reduces the likelihood of damages. In order to achieve this, the vanity has been assembled through factory and industrial means to improve the durability.

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