Double Vanities

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Double Vanities

Double vanities or double sink vanities are great additions medium to large bathrooms. Our catalog includes a great selection freestanding double vanities and wall-mounted installations. We provide many different sizes of double sink bathroom vanities to accommodate any size bathrooms. Get high end vanities at wholesale prices with free shipping at Luxury Living Direct. With our custom vanity program, you can swap out components for an extra, personalized bathroom experience.

Luxury Living Direct’s collection of Double Vanities range from mid-century modern to the classical and traditional styles. From the different styles to choose from, you can find the perfect size and colors that best suit your bathroom decor. We also provide free shipping on all orders. Shop our vanities online today!

Different Sizes

You already know what double vanity size you are looking for. Double sink vanity dimensions can vary depending on the size of your bathroom. Whether you need a 60 inch or 72 inch double sink vanities, we offer a huge variety of different vanity sizes that will fit almost every bathroom.

Traditional Styles

Style is important when choosing a new double vanity. Consider traditional styles for your home. The intricate details of these classical designs will provide you a great feeling of homeliness. No matter if you have a white bathroom or a dark bathroom, traditional double vanities will still add a touch of style. Mix and match with other bathroom fixtures such as faucets and countertops to make your bathroom look great.

Modern Styles

Are you a minimalist looking for a more modern style for your bathroom? Look no further. Our collections of modern styles will give your bathroom a breathtaking experience. The sophisticated aesthetic of our floating vanities and different finishes will leave your bathroom looking sleek and up to date. A freestanding double vanity will give your bathroom a unique and beautiful style. Find the right style element to reflect your personal tastes while balancing the functionality of the vanities.

Bathroom Faucets - Adding bathroom faucets to your double vanity can affect the look and design of your bathroom. Luxury Living Direct offers a large variety of different faucets from polished chrome to traditional bronze and nickel. Looking for a specific installation type? There are a lot of different installation types that we offer such as single hole, wall-mount and freestanding faucets.

Bathroom Sinks - Customize your single sink vanity to add a touch of personalization. Our selection of different types of washing bowls allow you to choose from different materials such as granite or marble and shapes ranging from square or oval. Personalize and design your bathroom vanity today!

Benefits of Double Vanities - In comparison to single vanities, double vanities are usually much larger and is also more convenient with and extra sink. You also no longer need to worry about not having sufficient space for your bath toiletries as you have a much larger countertop and more drawers for storage.

Can’t find the right vanity for your bathroom? Contact our friendly customer representatives at (800) 574-3022 and they will be happy to help you find a new vanity today.

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