Monthly Featured Vanities - February 2018

New Year, New-- Wait it’s February already!

February is a month of relationships. Whether it is couples celebrating their time together, friends cheering on their favorite football teams during the Superbowl, and families celebrating Chinese New Year, we are all growing our relationships one way or another.

For February, we are featuring 3 beautiful Virtu USA bathroom vanity collections.

Virtu USA Zuri

Available Sizes: 24" 39" 55"

Colors: Gray Oak, Plum, White, Gray, Wenge

The Virtu USA Zuri Collection is a modern styled vanity with a floating or wall-mounted design. This vanity features a very sleek and minimal design for those looking for a simple look.

The drawers do not have handles but have an inner grooved design to allow you to pull them out. Depending on which size, the Zuri has an option of 1 or two drawers.

The 24” and 39” cabinets have a hidden second inner drawer that still allows you to organize all your bathroom essentials. While the Zuri was designed with minimalism in mind, it was also designed not to take away from functionality as well.

Virtu USA Tiffany

Available Sizes: 48" Colors: Gray, White, Espresso

The Virtu USA Tiffany is a transitional style, freestanding vanity. For those looking for a mixture of modern and traditional would find this appealing.

This is a comparable alternative to the Virtu USA Caroline Collections. One of the key features is that the drawers are on the left and right side of the vanity with the cabinets in the middle.

The drawer and cabinet handles are circular knobs that are easy to open. The drawers and cabinets are also built with mechanical hinges that allow them to softly close. Simply nudge the drawer with little force and the hinges will automatically finish closing it for you. This helps prevent accidental force on the cabinet that could damage it over time.

The symmetrical storage is complemented by the vanity’s toe kicks at the bottom which elevate the vanity. This adds some ergonomic elements to the vanity. Leaning over to wash your hands won’t be as much of a problem anymore.

The toe kicks at the bottom also help complement your flooring. Your flooring will be able to shine through the entire room uninterrupted by your vanity.

Cabinet only versions are also available for this collection. This allows you the flexibility to personalize your vanity to your liking.

Virtu USA Ivy

Available Sizes: 32" Colors: Espresso, White, Gray

The Virtu USA Ivy collection features 32” single vanities with vessel sinks with an extra flair.

This unique vanity features drawers with barred handles for easy access. For those looking for extra functionality from the vanity, these barred handles also act as towel hangers. While not as convenient as having a dedicated towel rack or towel warmer, this is a nice extra feature for the small vanity.

Closing Thoughts

Luxury Living Direct wishes everyone a wonderful February and hope you all spend quality time with your friends and family.