Monthly Featured Vanities - March 2018

Best Bathroom vanities for March 2018 - Staff Picks

What makes a good vanity? Bathroom vanities should look beautiful and still retain functionality and be made from high quality materials. Here are some bathroom vanity collections that have huge amounts of storage space and still look amazing.

Virtu USA Ava

The Virtu USA Ava collection comes with a wide range of different sizes that can fit most small to medium sized bathrooms. With sizes ranging from 24” to 71”s, this collection is extremely versatile. The beautiful curves mixed with the straight lines give off a unique look for your bathroom.

Virtu USA Ava Chrome Faucet

The glass countertops gives a subtle but beautiful vibe that can still have your friends talking about it. All Virtu USA Vanities come with self-closing hinges and this is no exception. This self closing mechanism lets you prevent damage to the cabinet and provides additional level of safety for households with children.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wide range of sizes to fit almost any bathroom: 24" 36" 48" 55" 61" 63" 71"
  • Soft-Closing Hinges.
  • Single and Double Sinks available.

Virtu USA Ceanna

The Virtu USA Ceanna collection features 55” wall-mounted vanities. While this is the only size available for this collection, this is a powerhouse when it comes with storage space.

Virtu USA Ceanna Open Drawers

This vanity comes with 6 drawers and 1 cabinet door of storage space with self-closing hinges. In addition, the standard mirrors come with a self-closing door to hold small bathroom essential items.

The wall-mounted installation also gives it a unique and modern look. The handles on the drawers of the cabinet and mirror also serve as extra racks to hold your towels.

Key Takeaways:

  • Floating vanity gives off a modern look.
  • Comes with 6 drawers and 1 cabinet door.
  • Handles on drawers let you hang your towels.
  • Mirrors come with extra storage space with a self closing door.
  • Only comes in one size, great for medium sized bathrooms: 55”

Virtu USA Vincente

The Virtu USA Vincente collection was designed with a very modern style and built with high quality materials. This collection specializes in the small to mid range sized bathrooms. It comes with plenty of storage space ranging from 6-9 drawers and 1-2 cabinet doors.

Virtu USA Vincente Countertop

The unique countertops for this collection come with clear or frosted tempered glass that makes it a bit more fancy than the usual marble or granite countertops you see on more traditional vanities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wide range of sizes to fit medium size bathrooms: 32" 36" 48" 55" 59"
  • Unique countertops with clear or frosted tempered glass.
  • Plenty of storage space. 6-9 drawers and 1-2 cabinet doors.

Virtu USA Caroline Premium

The Virtu USA Caroline Premium comes with the beautiful and unique Zebra Gray cabinet finish. The Zebra Gray finish is a dark finish that gives a very luxurious look.

Virtu USA Premium

The Caroline Premium collection range of sizes is meant for medium to large bathrooms which range from 36” to 90”. Depending on the set you select, you have options of 1 or 2 mirrors. This collection also comes with 5-14 drawers and 2-4 cabinet doors, which is no laughing matter when it comes with storage space.

Key Takewaways

  • Exclusive Zebra Gray Cabinet Finish
  • Wide range of sizes to fit medium to large bathrooms: 36” 48” 60” 72” 90”
  • Some sets come with 1 or 2 mirrors.
  • Lots of storage space. 5-14 drawers and 2-4 cabinet doors.
  • Only comes in one cabinet finish. For a comparable collection that comes with more finish options, check out the Virtu USA Caroline Avenue Collection.


As you are continuing your search for your bathroom vanity, keep in mind the functional aspects of your vanity. For the long haul, having a vanity that is both beautiful as well as functional will save you money and hassle over time. The vanities in this guide are just a few examples of aesthetically beautiful vanities that still provide utility advantages. For a more in depth look in the different components to look out for in your bathroom vanity, check out our bathroom vanity buying guide.

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