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Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are a bit different than your integrated or drop in sinks. These sinks are usually in a form of a bowl and rests on top of the surface of your counter. These are eye opening due to their unique designs and are becoming an up and coming trend. These stylish sinks can be incorporated into almost any design. One thing to consider before making a purchase for vessel sinks is that they do not have overflow relief drains and will need a vessel drain installed.

Shapes - Vessel sinks can come in many different shapes. Many come in rectangular, round or nearly flat. The possibilities are endless.

Material - There are many types of materials that vessel sinks can be made from ranging from ceramic, natural stone, marble, and granite. Our catalog of vessel sinks includes many made from different colors and shades of marble and granite.

At Luxury Living Direct, we have many stylish and trendy vessel sink options. For more information about installation and compatibility issues, give us a call at (800) 574-3022 or email us at