Wholesale Discounts on Bathroom Vanities and Fixtures

Are you a remodeler, contractor, developer or builder looking to source a bathroom vanity for a client? Luxury Living Direct currently offers wholesale bathroom vanities discounts and fixtures for vendors and contractors who are involved in the home improvement business.

Whether your client is looking for bathroom remodels on apartments, hotels, commercial or residential buildings, Luxury Living Direct can offer you the best discounts for your project.

What are the benefits of sourcing from Luxury Living Direct?

  • High Quality Products - We provide high value, affordable and large collection of luxury vanities that homeowners will love. Our line of name brand bathroom vanity undergo heavy quality assurance in order to meet the expectations of homeowners. With Luxury Living Direct, you won’t need to worry about sacrificing quality over price again.
  • Fast Shipping - As a vendor, we know that deadlines need to be met. We offering one of the fastest shipping times in the industry. Unlike other retailers who can have up to 3 week lead times, we usually ship within the same week of your order.
  • Hand-selected Carriers - The carriers we use have been selected due to their superior service and have shown fast shipping times as well as exceptional product handling in order to reduce damages during transit. We will work with our carriers in order to provide you the best rates and shipping times. If you have your own carrier(s) you would like to use, let us know and work with them to complete your project in time.
  • Communication - No one likes to be left in the dark. Our representatives have many years of experience and will try their best to guide you through the process of your order up to the moment you receive it.
  • Easy Installation - We provide products that are easy to install such as Virtu USA vanities. The main cabinets are pre-assembled and only the countertop and sink need to be installed.

Who can receive wholesale discounts?

Remodelers, Contractors, Developers, Builders, Interior Designers and more can receive wholesale bathroom vanity discounts. As long as you order 2 or more vanities, you can give us a call for a quote.

Call Now for Wholesale Pricing

Ready to order or have a question? Email us at sales@luxurylivingdirect.com or contact us at (800) 574-3022 now to speak to a representative regarding wholesale discounts on your next bathroom vanity!