Monthly Featured Vanities - January 2018
New Years Edition

Happy New Years from Luxury Living Direct! We hope everyone had a safe holiday!

With a new year, everyone is scrambling to get their New Year's resolutions started. Since January is the month of new beginnings we’ve created a list of bathroom vanity collections that are great for those with new homes or starting new renovations.

Trending For 2018 - Cashmere Gray Cabinet Finish

One of the biggest trends we predict for 2018 is the growing popularity of Cashmere Gray cabinet finishes. While most grays are often on the cooler side with more blue tones, cashmere gray has a warmer, brown tone that leaves your bathroom with a soft look that is pleasing to the eye.

Caroline Collections Continue to Grow

If you have not heard, the Virtu USA Caroline collection is one of the most popular bathroom vanity collections. With classic clean lines and abundance of storage, this collection is the most versatile of the Virtu USA brand and carries the widest ranges of sizes and finishes.

With the versatility of the Caroline collections, you really can’t go wrong. The design of the Carolines are a mixture between modern and traditional, giving it an ageless design that will last for many years.

Featured Collections of January

Virtu USA Maybell Collection

The Virtu USA Maybell Collection is a modern styled, freestanding bathroom vanity that is only available with double sinks. This is a 56 inch vanity and available in three finishes: Espresso, White and Grey.

One of the things that stands out about this collection are the drawer and cabinet handles. The unique, white horizontal handles give off a bold and stylish look to the vanities.

Another key features of this vanity is the toe kick stands holding up the vanity. These stands prevent you from hitting the cabinet finish with your feet in the morning and are a little bit more ergonomic on your back when leaning over to use the sink.

This collection also features vessel sinks in all the vanities. These stylish sinks are offer many benefits to the more traditional integrated sinks.

  • Customizable - Vessel sinks are a lot easier to swap out if you ever want to change it out. The look of this vanity will drastically change simply for this option. Do you want two different sinks? You have that option now.
  • Easy Installations - Since vessel sinks sit on the top of your vanity and are not integrated, they are a lot easier to remove, replace and install.
  • Ergonomic - The vessel sinks are a great addition for taller individuals because these sinks sit higher on the vanity. Depending on your height, you will be able to worry less about bending over to a lower level sink with these vanities.

Virtu USA Gloria Collection

The Virtu USA Gloria collection is a collection of beautiful freestanding vanities. As a backstory, these vanities were designed and built for a modern hotel project.

The sleek design looks like a modernistic cottage style vanity. The towel shelf at the bottom allows for extra space to keep your toiletries without cluttering the countertop.

The Gloria Collection comes in 36” and 48” sizes. These are also available in either single or double sink installations. 36” and 48” vanities are the most common types of sizes and will fit most small bathrooms.

Virtu USA Tavian Collection

The Virtu USA Tavian Collection comes in 60 inch and 72 inch. These vanities are a collection of double sink bathroom vanities.

This collection features a very unique cabinet finish called Grey Oak. This unique color is a mixture of tan and grey and the result is an amazing modern styled color you won’t see on any other vanity.

Closing Thoughts

The Virtu USA Gloria, Maybell and Tavian collections are great for new homeowners who want an affordable and very stylish bathroom vanity that will last a lifetime. The modern designs allow your bathroom to impress guests while also retain from being ostentatious.