12 Outstanding 72 inch Freestanding Vanity Ideas for your Bathroom Remodel

12 Outstanding 72 inch Freestanding Vanity Ideas for your Bathroom Remodel

For your master bathroom, freestanding bathroom vanities are one of the most common types of vanities. Since the cabinetry is much larger, you will want to look for vanities that are of solid construction, especially ones with an open bottom. A solidly built 72 inch vanity will not bend or sag at the bottom. Here are a few superbly built 72” bathroom vanities by Virtu USA you can consider installing for your next bathroom remodel.

Caroline Parkway

Made from solid oak wood, the Caroline Parkway 72” vanity is as sturdy as it looks. With 12 working drawers and 4 cabinet doors, this has plenty of storage space. One of the things we’ve noticed is that the drawers maximize the space inside the cabinet.


The Dior 72” vanity is a master of symmetrical design. The side cabinets really emphasize and makes sure the center cabinet takes all the attention. The beautiful zebra grey finish creates a subtle but rough texture to the vanity that gives it a nice, modern look. The white stone countertop pictured above really stands out in contrast to the finish.


The Julianna collection by Virtu USA is a vanity with an open shelf design which is great for farmhouse and beach houses. In order to achieve a “beachy” feeling, the Julianna pictured above features a white marble top complimented with a white cabinet finish.


The Victoria 72” vanity takes traditional elements with a modern touch. With similar qualities as the Caroline and Huntshire collections, the Victoria presents a bold and elegant look. The espresso finish on this cabinet allows the color to stand out while not looking outdated. In addition, the finish also lives up to the solid oak wood construction which makes this a very strong and sturdy vanity.


The Talisa vanity has an interesting design compared to other 72” vanities. It takes the straight lines from your typical vanity and adds a curvature at the bottom which seems to soften the entire look. You can add different mirrors and faucets to really stylize the look.

Caroline Avenue

A popular choice in 72” freestanding vanities is the Caroline Avenue. What makes the Caroline Avenue so popular? The overall quality of the vanity was intricately designed. Everything from the solid construction of the wood, the extra thick marble countertop and the beautiful coating of the finish screams quality. You cannot see it from the picture but contractors will notice that the frame built much stronger than many other vanities, making this a hulking and rugged vanity that is built to last.

Caroline Premium

Being in the same Caroline family of vanities, the Caroline Premium features everything from the Caroline Avenue collection. The key difference is that this line has a unique zebra gray finish. The finish has a grainy texture that entices you to run your fingers across the cabinet.


The Tavian 72” vanity is the epitome of strong lines. The minimalist design manages to capture a avant-garde look that will stand out in most master bathrooms.


The difference between the Caroline and Caroline Avenue Collections is that the Caroline features drawers at the top of the vanity instead of the bottom. It becomes a matter of preference on which style you prefer.

Caroline Estate

The Caroline Estate 72” vanities are great for those looking for a more delicate look than other rectangular vanities. The Caroline Estate factors in an open shelf to store your extra towels. This feature is great for those living near the beach as having easy-access towels are always a nice perk to have.


As far as freestanding vanities go, the Huntshire has a very traditional look to it but not so much that those with a modern eye will look away. Considered a transitional vanity, which is an in-between of modern and traditional design, the small but sophisticated details that were put into the vanity can be appreciated by anyone looking for a well built vanity.


Dark vanities usually express a strong, bold statement. When you make a dark vanity with an open shelf, like this Winterfell 72 inch vanity in espresso, it softens the boldness by putting emphasis into the things you place in the shelf. The contrast of the white towels and other bathroom supplies you can put at the bottom shelf will pop out. The chrome or brushed nickel faucet that you install will shine. The alluring knobs and handles of the cabinet hardware glisten in the natural or florescent lights.

Looking for more ideas for your bathroom? Check out more vanities by Virtu USA. Their vast collection of vanities give you choices of small or large sizes for virtually any bathroom type. Contact Luxury Living Direct at 1-800-574-3022 for a quote today!