13 Beautiful 72" Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Master Bathrooms

13 Beautiful 72" Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Master Bathrooms

There are many different styles and sizes of bathroom vanities to choose from for your master bathroom. One of the most common sizes for larger bathrooms are 72” widths. One of the appeals is that most 72 inch vanities come in one or two sink installations and come with plenty of storage. For a master bathroom, you can really bring out the elegance if the space by reducing the amount of clutter on the countertops. Here are 13 beautiful 72” bathroom vanity designs for your master bathroom.


This Caroline 72" vanities feature horizontal drawers at the top of the vanity. This modern inspired design is a great choice for those looking for a less traditional style.

Caroline Avenue

The Caroline Avenue 72" vanities feature drawers at the bottom of the vanity. The solid construction from the solid wood to the 1 inch countertop makes this vanity a high quality choice.

Caroline Estate

Looking for a farmhouse or cottage style design for your bathroom? Or maybe you need a vanity that fits perfectly for your beach house? Look no further because the Caroline Estate 72" vanities are a perfect choice. The open shelf design allows you to conveniently lay your towels and other bathroom items for easy access. If you have a pool or live near the beach, there is no question the Caroline Estate vanity will fit the criteria.

Caroline Parkway

The Caroline Parkway 72” vanities feature extra storage drawers on the sides and center of the cabinet. For those looking for a 72” vanity with tons of storage, this is the one for you.

Caroline Premium

The Caroline Premium 72" vanities are similar to the Caroline Avenue vanities except for one key difference. The Caroline Premium vanities contain a unique Zebra Gray finish that gives the vanity an ultra modern look.


Floating vanities are a little fancier than freestanding vanities. The Clarissa 72" vanities feature a modern, wall-mounted cabinet that will easily add a contemporary look to your bathroom. The Mirrors contain extra storage space as well.


Dior 72" Vanities are unique because all the extra storage space they provide. The side drawers really emphasize the center cabinet on the single sink installations.


Standing like a monumental work of art, the Huntshire 72” vanities are great for those looking for a more traditional style vanity. The fine details are what separates this from other traditional vanities. From the unique corner designs from the cabinet and mirror to the handles and knobs, this fine piece of cabinetry has been intricately designed to meet your standard.


Another farmhouse inspired bathroom vanity, the Julianna 72" vanities also features an open shelf cabinet. While not as “modernesque” as the Caroline Estate vanities, the Julianna features more traditionally inspired elements.


Looking for a change from your traditional rectangular vanities? The Talisa 72" vanities add a curvy touch to the traditional vanity. Your eyes will instantly be drawn to the curvature of the stands.


While the Talisa vanities feature a unique curvature, the Tavian 72" vanities are the exact opposite. This monolithic vanity is anything but curvy. The construction of the cabinet features hard line and strong, sturdy structure that will bolden the your bathroom.


The Victoria 72" bathroom vanities are another transitional line of vanities. The design elements feature a mixture between traditional and modern designs.


The Winterfell 72" bathroom vanities are another beach house inspired vanity. The open shelf is a solid piece of wood and features square designs on the cabinet that would be great for pool houses and those alike.