Spring Cleaning Your Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Spring Cleaning Your Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Regardless of the season, cleaning out your mirrored medicine cabinet should be on your monthly maintenance of to-do items for your bathroom. Many people who are doing spring cleaning sometimes overlook cleaning the cabinets in their bathroom. The items being stored here can sometimes get expired and become detrimental to one’s health. If it’s been a year since you last cleared your medicine cabinet, now’s probably a good time.

There are many benefits to cleaning out your medicine cabinet.

You can dispose expired medications and other expired items. Disposing expired medications is extremely important in order to prevent accidental consumption. It can be dangerous to the household members who frequent the medicine cabinet.

You can also declutter your medicine cabinet if you maintain your bathroom well. If you’re in a large household, then items can build up very quickly in your bathroom, especially the medicine cabinet. Depending how big your medicine cabinet is, it can become more and more of an eyesore with too many small items everywhere. Decluttering the bathroom vanity countertop as well as your medicine cabinet will help.

What are important things to get rid of?

The easiest way to clear out items in your medicine cabinet is to look at the expiration dates. If you have a lot of medications, you can check the date and determine whether you need to dispose of it or not. Be careful to discard your items safely. Some items may harm the environment and will need recommended special methods of disposing it. In other words, flushing things down the toilet is probably not a good idea.

Keep the Essentials

Now that you’ve disposed of all the expired items, you should run through everything that you absolutely need in the medicine cabinet. It could be your toothpaste or your toothbrush. If you use it daily, you can continue to store these items.

Rethink Your Storage Locations

Once you’ve determined your essentials and disposed of all the expired items, time to deal with everything else. Spring cleaning is usually good time to rethink your storage locations. There might be a better area to store certain items that help prevent clutter and may even help you consume the product before it expires. If there are items in the cabinet that you haven’t used for a long time, maybe put it somewhere else. Once you’ve followed these steps, you will realize that you’ve cleared up much storage space and can feel a bit more relaxed the next time you open your medicine cabinet!