6 Reasons to Replace an Old Bathroom Vanity

  1. Broken or Damaged Countertop - After many years of owning your bathroom vanity, it can become damaged due to wear and tear. The look of your bathroom drastically changes depending on how severe the damages are. There are a couple solutions to this.
    • Hire a professional to repair it
    • Only replace the countertop. This becomes tricky since the countertop is usually glued to the cabinet and you might actually cause further damage to the countertop.
    A lot of cases, the damage done to the vanity might cost an arm and a leg to repair. In this case, it is probably time to replace the whole thing.
  2. Broken or Mouldy Bathroom Cabinets (Fix an existing problem) - Common issues with bathroom vanities are mildew, loose or broken doors and drawers. Since your vanity is always in the presence of water in your bathroom, moisture build up can cause formation of mildew and rust in your bathroom cabinets. If you’ve had plumbing issues such as leaks, you can expect some form of mould present. It can also damage the hardware of your vanity with rust. The hinges on your vanity doors can get rusted and affect the way they open and close. Your bathroom is arguably the most humid area of your home and remediation can be frustrating and costly.
  3. House Remodel - If you’re working on a home remodel project, don’t forget about your bathroom. Your bathroom is the first place you go to when you start the day and deserves to be prioritized during your remodel. A beautiful bathroom will greatly increase the value of your home.
  4. Makeover - Maybe you’ve never replaced your bathroom vanity before and that is the way it came with your house. You’ve never been happy with the way it looked but never got a chance to design it the way you like. Replacing that dated vanity can make all the difference. Picking the right vanity to match the style of your home or just your own personalization.
  5. New House - Start your life off feeling amazing in your new house! Your vanity makes or breaks the look of your bathroom. Updating your bathroom with a new vanity is a great way to start a new home. Personalize your bathroom the way you want it by refreshing the old vanity.
  6. Extra storage space - You might have a pedestal sink in your home. While these sinks are convenient to install, it does not offer the storage space a full sized vanity brings. All your bathroom toiletries can be neatly hidden inside the cabinets. Adding extra storage brings functionality to your bathroom.

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