Guide to Buying Bathroom Vanities with Tops

Guide to Buying Bathroom Vanities with Tops

Looking for a quick and easy way to remodel your bathroom vanity? Consider a bathroom vanity with top included. This is essentially a vanity set that includes at least a countertop. If it is a full set, it will include faucet, sink and mirror.

Benefit: You Don’t Need to Look for a Separate Countertop

This is what the name implies. The reason it is easier to purchase a bathroom vanity with top is because it saves you the hassle of looking for a countertop. Like with everything you purchase separately, when you buy a countertop separately, you won’t know if the countertop fits perfectly until you get them. Purchasing a vanity with a top included means the countertop has already been sized to fit the cabinet.

Benefit: It’s Usually Cheaper to Buy A Vanity Set

Buying things separately is usually an expensive endeavor. But that is the price you pay to have something customized to the way you want. Buying things separately could also mean you will be paying more on shipping and you won’t always get everything at the same time. Buying a vanity with top means that you pay one price for everything included.

Benefit: Makes your Contractor or Remodeler’s life easier

Obviously buying a set will make everything run more smoothly. Usually when you buy a vanity set, the parts are already designed to work together both functionally and aesthetically. Your parts will all arrive at the same time and will get your bathroom remodel process done a lot faster.

Benefit: The Countertop is Designed to Look Good with the Cabinet

Buying sets together usually means the product designers designed the cabinet to work well with the countertop. A beautiful white marble countertop sitting on top of a white vanity cabinet makes sense. If you purchase the countertop separately, it might not always look the way you planned for it to be. The slight color variation might not be as you imagined it to be. This might also look awkward on your selected cabinet.

Single Sink or Double Sink Vanity with Top?

There are many different bathroom vanities with tops you can choose from. In the end it comes down to what size you want and how many sinks you need for the bathroom vanity. Do you need one or two sinks? It depends who is using your vanity and how much space you have. If multiple people will be sharing the vanity, a double sink vanity with top will be a good choice. If your bathroom is really small, you might need to opt for a single sink vanity. One of the most common sizes for single sink vanities are 36 inch bathroom vanities with tops.

Extra Tip: You usually won’t be able to get a double sink vanity on sizes under 48 inches. The reason is that the plumbing becomes limited on smaller sizes and you fitting two sinks into the cabinet won’t be possible.